Wilmington Resident is Behind Enemy Lines

Kim Lambert isn't pulling for the local team on Super Bowl Sunday.

In a town full of , Kim Lambert’s flag blows in the wind, driving neighbors crazy on a daily basis. And that’s OK with her.

Lambert, a lifelong Wilmington resident, has been a fan of Big Blue since her childhood, and is ready to root against New England’s team again this year.

“The weirdest thing was that I never got any attention at all from Patriots fans because nobody cared that I rooted for the Giants,” said Lambert. “Then I go from that to being public enemy number one.”

As she grew up in Wilmington, Lambert said the Patriots weren’t on television as much, and her aunt and uncle were Giants fans. So she began watching Big Blue, and stuck with them her entire life.

In recent weeks, she’s gotten some flak from her neighbors as she proudly hangs her Giants flag outside her house. Still, it doesn’t equal to the venom she saw after her team won the Super Bowl against the Patriots, spoiling New England’s unbeaten season.

“I got some hate mail from my cousins and my brother, but that’s OK,” said Lambert with a laugh. “I have a few friends who get into it with me. Because it’s a rematch, I do think about where I’m going when I wear my Giants sweatshirt. I don’t want to get into it with strangers.” 

As for this year’s game, Lambert expects more of the same. She anticipates another classic game, another close contest, and another Giants win by three points. 

Fear not, Wilmington. You don’t have to worry about running into Lambert after the game in the event that the Giants win again on Sunday. She’ll be sitting at home, rooting against the Pats by herself.

“I don’t hate the Patriots by any means,” said Lambert. “It’s so much more emotional this time than the last Super Bowl because we actually have a chance going in. I’m a little bit nervous. I was invited to a few Super Bowl parties, but I told my family that I’ll be staying home to watch the game. I’m really hoping the Giants win again.”

Thomas Convery February 02, 2012 at 09:01 PM
Kim,I'm with you.I will also be rooting for the NY Giants to do it again.Tom


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