Do You Know What Bus Route Your Student is Taking?

We provide you with a complete list of all bus routes for Wilmington Public Schools during the 2012-13 school year.

Plenty of Wilmington parents are . But where will your children be getting on the bus? We've got the answer to that question below.

Superintendent of Schools Joanne Benton said squaring away bus routes is one of the most complicated aspects of starting the school year off right.

"Everyone wants the bus to stop in front of their house, and we can’t do that," said Benton. "Tuesday I will be out and about on the roads. We go out and check bus stops, and if it’s a safety issue we get Officer Moon involved."

For a look at individual bus routes, click on the links below:

Benton added that with kindergarten students not starting school until next week, it gives the district a chance to get grades 1-12 ready to go.

But when the youngest students in Wilmington have their first day of school, parents can expect some delays.

"We meet with the kindergarten parents and we remind them that it could take one hour for the bus to get to their house because every single one of the kindergarten parents wants the picture of their child getting on the bus and off the bus," said Benton. "I run into parents in November and they always say, ‘You were so right.’"


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