District Reveals 23 New Educational Hires

During a School Committee meeting earlier this week, Superintendent of Schools Joanne Benton said 23 positions were filled leading into the new school year.

When students return to school on Tuesday, there will be many recognizable faces surrounding them. But there will also be plenty of new ones with the hire of 23 staff members across the district.

Superintendent of Schools Joanne Benton provided School Committee members with a list of the district’s newest employees during a meeting earlier this week.

Though most of the work is done, Benton said there is some last minute shuffling remaining after she received three letters of resignation in the last six weeks.

“Last minute ones are always hard to fill because we’re up against deadlines since we start earlier than many other districts,” said Benton. I understand that some teachers, at least three, have to do with location. Some positions are harder to fill than others.”

One position that was filled late last year is the principal role at Woburn Street and Wildwood Schools. as of July 1. Benton said she looks forward to the new ideas he will bring to the table.

Benton said the respect that educators have for Wilmington was evident when the district posted an elementary school position. A total of 479 applicants applied for the job.

“This year I’ve heard more people than ever who they research communities, they know what Wilmington is about and this is what they want,” said Benton. “The word is getting out about Wilmington.

Below is a list of the district’s new hires and staff members who were moved to new positions.

Name of New Employee

Jessica Petersen

Lauren Founier Carolyn Blair Marisso Belli Paul Monaco Jacyln Moran Kathi Macklis Michelle Lehouillier Jen Judkins Adrienne D'Agostino Elizabeth Maciver Heather Peachy Sharon Dunnette Sheila Burke Amanda Ducharme Wendy Benger Jennifer Storer Felicia Lipari Michelle T. Valhouli Dana Burnham Nicole Galante Margaret Magee Megan Mandeville Sandra Robb Christopher Phillips Amy Johnson Wendy Cahill Marie Montague Sarah Paquette Bethann Atkinson Kathleen O'Brien Gina Ferraresi Ashley Gallant Jess Lyn Busch Erin Stevens Holly Banusiewicz Julie Norton Jeffrey Strasnick Jenifer Churchill Michael Rickman Annette Bush Deanne England Tara Kaberlie Carolyn Blair Gregory Noble Kim Wholley


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