Sears, Miceli To Debate Just Once Before Election

Incumbent state representative declines invitations from local media outlets for two additional debates.

Republican Doug Sears says he is anxious to debate  D-Wilmington, as many times as possible in the days leading up to the Nov. 6 Election.

Miceli has made clear he will only agree to one debate.

That one debate will take place on Oct. 24 in the Tewksbury Memorial High School Auditorium. The event will be sponsored by the Lowell Sun and will feature a media panel including representatives from Patch and the Town Crier.

Tewksbury Patch and Wilmington Patch had invited Sears and Miceli to participate in a one-on-one debate at Tewksbury Town Hall on Oct. 11. Similarly, the Town Crier had teamed with the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce and Wilmington Public Access Television for a debate in Wilmington. In both cases Sears readily accepted the invitation but Miceli declined.

The following email was sent our earlier this week from Warren Carey, who is serving as Miceli's campaign manager.

Rep. Miceli will participate in the Lowell Sun Tewksbury Memorial High School Debate Wednesday, October 24th, and sees it as the best venue available to the voters of the District.

The Town Crier's proposal for the previous evening, October 23rd, was good but two consecutive dates would be awkward.

We do not see the Patch Town Hall discussed event as substantial as the Lowell Sun scheduled series and do not believe the publicity and potential would be as great. The inclusion of the invitation of the State Senate Candidates to the T.M.H.S. Debate by the Lowell Sun is also a major plus for those attending.

Warren R. Carey, For the Miceli Campaign

Sears, a Tewksbury Selectman, said he was frustrated and disappointed by Miceli's decision and said he believed the incumbent was attempting to limit public exposure and limit the occasions when he would be questioned about his voting record.

"We should be having multiple debates," said Sears. "This is a perfect example of why we need to end the 'one-party rule in this state."

According to Sears, he and his campaign manager Don Ordway, were scheduled to meet with Miceli, Carey and members of the media on Tuesday, Oct. 9 to discuss debate format and the possibility of additional debates. However, Miceli, Carey and the representatives from the Lowell Sun were no-shows, said Sears. When Sears called the Lowell Sun for an explanation, he says he was told that Carey had cancelled the meeting because "everything was settled."


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