9/11 Memorial Committee Leads 'Upbeat' Meeting

Board of Selectmen praise work of local students in fundraising and planning efforts.

There was plenty for Wilmington’s Board of Selectmen to smile about after Monday’s meeting.

Board members couldn’t help but feeling inspired after having some fun with the state champion hockey team (photos to come at 5 p.m.) and meeting with the Wilmington High School 9/11 Memorial Committee.

“That really motivated and moved me,” said selectman Michael Champoux. “It was a great way to start the meeting. Talk about a one-two punch of some pretty positive, upbeat stuff. I want to commend the youth for all the things that are happening in this town. There are a lot of kids doing a lot of great things.”

Matt Palermo, Nick Troy and Anthony Vitale were the first visitors in front of the board. The trio discussed their fundraising and planning efforts as a part of the 9/11 Memorial Committee, which seeks to honor the lives lost on September 11, 2001, with a memorial inside the new high school.

After meeting with the school’s architect recently, the students decided the courtyard will likely be the best place for the memorial. By selling t-shirts, students have raised about $2,000-$3,000 in about three months. Their eventual goal is to reach around $10,000.

“Our goal is to teach people going to the school, especially future generations who weren’t alive when this happened and don’t know what it was about,” said Palermo, a senior. “It really opened our eyes a lot more talking to the architects. Putting it in the courtyard, you would have students that see it every day, which is the ultimate goal. But also, when there are town events, adults can see it as well.”

There is no design set, but the students have discussed a host of possibilities. Those ideas include potentially incorporating two towers into the design, using castings of helmets to honor police and fire who sacrificed their lives, and more.

“Your work is indicitive of the students we have at Wilmington High School. I’m very impressed with what you’ve been doing,” said Town Manager Michael Caira. “There will be plenty of tours given of the new school, and this will probably be the highlight of those tours for many.”

Selectmen also approved the request of several residents during Monday’s meeting.

will hold its third annual Community Fair on Saturday, September 22, after board members approved the request to use Town Common for the event.

Daniel Bamberg was granted his request for a one-day alcohol license for a dinner and dance to raise funds for the St. Thomas Appalachian Mountain Project on May 12.

The board also approved the request of Khalid Hazimeh, who was given a hawk and peddle license to sell ice cream in town.

During a tame public comments section, Kevin MacDonald asked board members on the status of the town’s work to minimize the odor issues associated with Tewksbury’s Krochmal Farm.

Board members could not comment specifically on some of the progress because there is pending litigation, but said the town is actively working to find a solution.

“The town is trying to find a resolution to a very difficult problem,” said Caira. “The Commonwealth has consistently come down on the side that there is a right to farm. We’ve consistently taken the position that when it interferes with the quality of life, that becomes problematic.”


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