Grand Jury Indicts War Veteran on Bank Robbery Charges

According to the New Hampshire Union Leader, Joseph Costello was indicted by a grand jury last week related to a string of robberies from this summer.

Already charged with robbing three banks in the area over the summer, a Wilmington resident and war veteran was indicted last week for a similar July incident in New Hampshire, according to a report.

The New Hampshire Union Leader reported that Joseph Costello, 26, was indicted by a grand jury on October 3 in Federal District Court on one charge of bank robbery after he allegedly robbed a bank located inside a Shaw's grocery store in July.

Costello also faces charges from July for robbing banks in Chelmsford, Reading and North Andover.

"I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder," Costello told Judge Paul Yee at his arraignment in July. "I've had problems with drugs too."

David Timmons, Costello's attorney, told Judge Yee that Costello served in the Army in Afghanistan and was discharged after becoming injured.

"During the course of recovery and treatment from that injury, Mr. Costello was prescribed some pain medications, and unfortunately that kind of spun off into an issue regarding substance abuse. Since then Mr. Costello... is trying to reach out and get assistance for that."

According to the Union Leader report, Salem Police said Costello walked into the Shaw's around 2 p.m. on July 2, passed the Citizen's Bank teller a note that claimed he had a hostage and a bomb, and made off with a bag of money.

However, a dye pack that was inside the bag exploded when he left the store, and Costello dropped some of the money behind, according to the Union Leader.

In the days that followed, police investigated and put out alerts on Facebook and other media outlets. And a state trooper whose neice had been reportedly dating Costello told police the man in the surveillance photos looked like Costello. Another person, a Wilmington resident who claimed to have grown up with Costello, said the suspect in the North Andover and Salem, N.H., robbery photos appeared to be him as well, leading to his arrest.

Following last week's indictment, Costello is being held without bail.

Kay December 12, 2012 at 06:45 AM
This jerk does not have ptsd.... he stole over $800 dollars from me. I was trying to help a friend out. I'm a single mother and already struggling as is but with his soppy story and my kind heart I trusted in him. He got "kicked" out of the army not discharged due to injuries. He got sent home early from deployment "kicked out of army" "forced to leave army" along with a few other guys because they were using illegal drugs over there and got caught while deployed. He deserves to do his time!
Johnny kinkade February 24, 2013 at 12:50 AM
He owes me 200 to help pay his rent. I trusted him too. He was fine with no ptsd. And the.govt was helping him they were giving him 1800 a month for life for disability plus 2000 from work. Thats a lot of drugs. Maybe a long sentence can cure him. Bomb threats in this country do not go over too well.
Allyson Costello February 24, 2013 at 04:19 PM
i would really appreciate if people who do not know my brothers whole story do not comment on these things because as a sister i personally do not want to see it. maybe he owes u money...sorry! but guess what it was not 1800 he was getting from the army, and he DOES have ptsd. you have not been there when he has woken up screaming ...I HAVE. and he was NOT kicked out of the army, he had severe frost bite and was sent home. people know the facts before you throw them around the internet please.


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