Friday Night Chimney Fire Doused On Woburn Street

In total, the incident took about one hour to contain and the family was allowed back in the home.

Firefighters were called to Woburn Street on Friday night after receiving a 911 call for a chimney fire at a neighborhood home.

Deput Chief Rick McClellan said the residents immediately called for help and when crews arrived there was fire showing from the chimney.

Lt. Chris Pozzi led crews at the scene as firefighters were able to minimize the damage done by the flames, McClellan said.

Once the fire was doused, crews removed burning logs from the fireplace and dropped weighted chains into the chimney to clear any blockages. Then firefighters dropped a dry chemical powder down the chimney in order to smother any embers left behind.

Firefighters also used a thermal imaging camera to check the area where the fire began, and about one hour after the fire started, the residents were allowed back into the house when it was deemed safe.

McClellan said that while many residents are preparing to weather the upcoming winter conditions by using their fireplaces, he urged them to do so with caution.

"Just a reminder to anyone who plans to use their fireplace or wood stove this season, make sure you have the chimney cleaned and inspected," said McClellan. "Even though this homeowner had theirs cleaned, the potential is always there and all it takes is a spark. If think you may have a chimney fire call 911 immediately."


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