Town Officials Recall 9/11 As Day That Changed Everything

Town Manager Michael Caira and Veteran's Agent Lou Cimaglia reflect on the attacks of September 11, 2001, which happened 11 years ago today.

Town Manager Michael Caira was sitting inside Town Hall, Room 9, just like he did many days throughout his lengthy career. But September 11, 2001, ended up as one that changed the lives of Caira, Wilmington residents, and nearly everyone across the country.

“I still remember the horror of it all,” said Caira, recalling the attacks of that fateful day. “All of us were in shock with the information we were getting. It’s the most profound event in my lifetime, and most people’s lifetimes. It changed the way that Americans conduct their everyday life now and in the future.”

While last year the town honored the 10-year anniversary of the attacks of September 11 with a , this year there was a smaller, more somber remembrance at Wildwood Cemetery.

On Tuesday morning, a bugler played taps at the exact minute that each of the four hijacked planes crashed 11 years ago. The ceremony took place at the grave a Wilmington soldier who lost his life fighting overseas in the war on terror.

“It’s extremely important that we always remember,” said Veteran’s Agent Lou Cimaglia. “Make no mistake about it, this was war against our country. We have to remember the sacrifices that the members who served our country before that day, since then and in the future, along with their families’ sacrifices.”

Cimaglia still recalls the day of the attacks vividly. He said he remembers thinking of his family, and wanting to hug his two sons when they were dismissed from school.

And as he works daily with members of the armed forces, Cimaglia said he is reminded of the impact that September 11 had.

“(Members of the armed forces) joined during a time of war,” said Cimaglia. “I have so much respect for the young men and women joining today knowing that no matter what branch they join, there is a pretty good chance that at some point there is a good chance they’re going to be in a war zone. These young men and women are stepping up and doing what they have to do to protect us.”


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