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Macaroni Grill to Pay $20K in Fines After Failing Health Inspection

READING--The Macaroni Grill according to Health Department Director Ruth Clay. The restaurant will pay $20,000 in fines. During a routine health inspection on Dec. 18, Macaroni Grill had 31 violations including six critical violations and 25 non-critical violations.

Mobile Video-Based Trailer Drills Officers in Firearms and Communication

STONEHAM—Two police officers have their guns drawn, cautiously moving down the high school hallway as they check doors after a report of a man with a gun inside the school. Suddenly a crowd of students comes running around the corner, with the officers telling everyone to show their hands up, and just as suddenly the gunman turns around the corner. The officers yell for the man to drop his weapon, but he fires, and the officers return fire.

That harrowing and sadly familiar sounding situation—and other intense scenarios involving firearms—took place in a virtual training last week behind the Stoneham Police Department, where the Middlesex Sheriff Department's Mobile Training Center parked for six days as officers were drilled in both firearms training and how to use verbal commands to de-escalate situations involving guns.

Witness Claims Ferreira Confessed To Killing, Then Retracted

TEWKSBURY--The prosecution in the murder trial of Michael Ferreira continued to build its case on Thursday, calling one witness who identified a car allegedly used in the crime and another who testified that the suspect actually confessed to her.

Ferreira, of Salem NH, is one of three men charged in connection with the 1969 death of Tewksbury teen Johnny McCabe. Along with Walter Shelley and Edward Brown, Ferreira is accused of kidnapping McCabe off the street and taking him to a vacant lot in Lowell, where they allegedly tied him up and gagged him in such a way that it lead to his death by asphyxiation.


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