New Business to Serve Frozen Yogurt With Local Twist

Fro-Yo to Go plans for August 11 opening day as owner Mary Buscone hired only Wilmington residents for construction and operational jobs.

Mary Buscone’s business is still several weeks away from opening its doors. But it’s not difficult to predict that Wilmington’s newest ice cream shop will be well-received in the community.

“I think I get 20 messages a day asking when we’re opening,” said Buscone, the owner of Fro-Yo to Go, which will open on August 11. “It’s been no secret that we’re coming to town.”

Fro-Yo to Go, located in the Square One Plaza at 2 Lowell Street, will provide 12 flavors of self-serve frozen yogurt along with a variety of topping choices. Customers fill their own cup and can do so with multiple flavors if they desire before hitting the toppings bar.

Buscone teamed with business partner Tracy Botelho in planning the business for the last year. Botelho is an active community member, currently the girls track coach at and also active in Wilmington Youth Hockey and soccer.

Self-serve frozen yogurt shops are popular as they pop up around the country. But Wilmington’s location is not a part of a chain, and brings a local flavor thanks to its owner.

All construction on the business was completed by Wilmington subcontractors, and Buscone will only be looking to hire Wilmington youths as her new employees. In addition, the owner plans on providing a community news board where local groups and individuals can post flyers and get the word out about upcoming events.

“I want it to be a completely community friendly place where we’ll do fundraisers and other things for different groups,” said Buscone. “I’ve been in town for 25 years and the people have been very good to me in many different ways. So I wanted to give back in that way. I opted to stay with local construction crews because I wanted to give them jobs, especially in the economy we have now.”

Town Manager Michael Caira said Fro-Yo to Go’s opening signifies another positive step forward in Wilmington’s business community.

“I think we continue to do well in the retail market. It seems to be something coming more and more alive in Wilmington, particularly with the diversification of the restaurant operations we’re seeing in town,” said Caira. “It goes to what I’ve always believed that once one company comes in, it encourages others to come in as well. I think that’s why you’re seeing restaurants here a long time continuing to do well.”

Building Inspector Al Spaulding already approved the facility and Director of Public Health Shelly Newhouse said Fro-Yo to Go was cleared through her department as well. Buscone said town officials were helpful throughout the planning process.

Painting is almost done in the shop, and plumbing and electrical inspections were completed on Tuesday. The yogurt machines will arrive on August 1 as Buscone’s dream comes closer to a reality following a year of work.

Buscone said she has a grand opening ceremony planned for August 11 that will include frozen yogurt coupons and other treats for customers.

“It’s getting very close,” said Buscone. “We’re very excited for opening day.”

Celebration Kingdom July 25, 2012 at 04:43 PM
We wish you great success in your new business and look forward to meeting you!
Chuck Otis July 26, 2012 at 01:41 AM
no more driving to burlington and andover!
Brianna August 03, 2012 at 09:47 PM
Good Luck! Very excited to have this business coming to town!
Kathy O'Hara Garber August 05, 2012 at 01:24 AM
Congrats Mary! I'm sure your new business will do well! Best of Luck!!!
Andrea Murray-Seaboyer September 21, 2012 at 11:23 PM
Hi Mary, if you check up on these comments. I stopped in today and had a good experience. However, I was disappointed at the lack of fresh fruit options available. I think you would get more repeat customers if there were more healthy topping choices. Please add fresh blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and kiwi or mango.


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