Conservation and Planning Talks In the Works for Target

The business will continue efforts to build a Wilmington facility in upcoming weeks and months.

Though a pair of discussions with town boards scheduled for last week were tabled, Target representatives will soon be hard at work at the local level as they hope to start construction within a year on a new Wilmington location.

Representatives from the company were slated to meet with the Planning Board last Tuesday and the Conservation Commission on Thursday.

While the Planning Board reached a decision on Target’s proposed sign permits, Planning Director Carole Hamilton said the town asked for an extension because it was a complicated request and Wilmington officials want to make sure they get it right.

“I wasn’t comfortable that we had produced a decision that I wanted to issue,” said Hamilton, who said the Planning board just received signage decisions as their responsibility in the last year. “It was a bit of inexperience on our part, so I wanted to get it right. I want to be sure it’s worded properly and that all of our ‘t’s’ are crossed and “I’s’ are dotted.”

In addition, Target was slated to meet with the Conservation Commission to go over the company’s Notice of Intent. But because one of the board members was sick, there was not a quorum until 8:30 p.m.

Conservation Commission chairman Don Pearson said that because the meeting got off to such a late start, they agreed to postpone the Target discussion until a meeting on November 7.

Pearson said the Notice of Intent was submitted by Target because it is a complex project. The Conservation Commission will be looking at ways the project will be taking away from nearby wetlands areas, and in turn how Target plans to recreate additional wetlands in order to compensate.

“That’s the biggest part is the net outcome of what will get modified,” said Pearson. “There may be conversations about the number of parking spaces as well. Those are the two biggest things that will go on at (the November 7) meeting.”

Hamilton said Target remains on track in their hope of beginning construction in 2013 with an anticipated 2014 opening.


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