Mikey's Visit Makes for Memorable Father's Day [VIDEO]

Wilmington teenager Mikey Murphy, who unexpectedly collapsed in 2011, arrived at his home for the first time after a year-long hospital stay.

After a nightmare year at times, Sunday was a dream come true for the Murphy family.

Mikey Murphy, the while walking to meet friends for the Stanley Cup parade, returned to his home on Sunday for the first time since his collapse.

Monday marks the one-year anniversary of Mikey’s collapse, and he has been in the hospital unable to walk or talk ever since. On Father’s Day, hospital van delivered him to his home and awaiting family for a three-day visit.

“It almost doesn’t feel real. That’s how much I miss him,” said Mikey’s 14-year-old sister Kristina. “It’s special to me to have him home. When he wasn’t here, it felt like I didn’t have him around. Now it will be like we’re all together again.”

Among the family gathered at the Murphy home on Sunday was Karen Murphy, Mikey’s aunt. She said the last year has been an emotional time for the Murphy family.

“He’s come so far from one year ago when there were about 30 people in his hospital room who didn’t even know if he was going to survive the night,” said Karen. “We’ve all come closer as a family and feel extremely close to Mikey. We look forward to every little step in the right direction.”

Mikey won’t be able to move into the home permanently until an expansion is built on the property that will make it handicap accessible. That likely will not be completed for about another year.

But Sunday was a positive first step for Mikey and the Murphy family. It also made for a memorable Father’s Day for the teen’s father.

“It’s the greatest Father’s Day gift I could have asked for,” said Mike. “It’s like we’re a family again.”

Linda DiSalvo June 18, 2012 at 05:31 PM
I am so happy to hear the news about Mikey coming home for father's day i have been friends with Mikey's dad Mike for 37yrs and i am so glad that he got to have his son home on such a special day Father's Day i wish the family the best and my prayers are alway's with them God Bless you Mikey you are a fighter and God Bless the whole family love your friend Linda DiSalvo and family.


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