Unexploded Fireworks Shells Found In Wilmington

Pyrotecnico allegedly left unexploded fireworks shells in several Massachusetts communities.

The state Fire Marshal's Office has suspended the license of a fireworks company that left unexploded fireworks shells in Wilmington and several other communities. 

That company, Pennsylvania-based Pyrotecnico, also staged displays in Newton, Milford, Hingham, Winchester, Westford, Sharon, Waltham, Ayer and Marion, according to the Boston Globe.

A city worker mowing a lawn in Waltham ran over an unexploded shell on July 9, causing it to explode, according to the Globe.

Other towns, including Stoughton, have reported similar instances in the past week. The lawnmower protected the worker from injury.

According to the Associated Press, shells were also found in Wilmington.

The Fire Marshal's Office has also ordered the company to return to the impacted towns and search for any additional shells, according to the Globe. 

Prior to the Wilmington display,

Wayne Sullivan July 12, 2012 at 02:27 PM
Kevin, you keep calling Steve "Mike" for some reason. Doesn't make sense yet again! I understand you wanting to stick up for your brothers that like to blow things up. I get the support ya got going on here. Once again if you don't take care of your business accordingly, you get your privileges taken away. It's not the companies fault just like it isn't your fault the entire front area of Treasure Hill looks like a complete disaster!!! You shouldn't have your license to even hold a shovel after seeing that mess that has been stagnant for years now. Move on before you embarrass yourself some more! Better yet go to China where you say the fireworks are from and start your warehouse inspections there and work your way back to Wilmington slowly! Please do take your time as you wouldn't want to miss anything since you are such an accomplished professional in the explosives arena...China needs you!
Al Roberts July 12, 2012 at 06:25 PM
Kevin, Kevin, Kevin..you have a nerve talking about things that blow up. you are an expert on everything right??? You should go back to moms basement and stay away from this story, ok Boom Boom. Nice post Wayne..right on
Lennie Malvone July 12, 2012 at 08:54 PM
I just went on the companys website 1st as in most Large firework company they too produce their own shells. Also the Company is responsable to pick up and disarm any ordanence that failed to explode , Not the fire dept Fire details at a fire works event are their for fires caused from the exploding shells not to recover unexploded shells, thats for the licensed experts. It appears that the company employees did not follow their own procedures ( which the company on the website brags about ), ERGO the Company by fault of their agent ( employees) is responsable .
Kevin MacDonald July 12, 2012 at 11:59 PM
http://wilmington.patch.com/articles/behind-the-scenes-of-wilmington-s-fireworks-video#video-10544168 Lennie, if you watch closely Matt's interview you will see in the truck a box which says made in China.
Steve H July 13, 2012 at 09:23 AM
Kevin can you comment on why you lost your license, call me mike all you want, but last time i checked my birth certificate said steven. once again your paranoia is getting the better of you, time to leave moms basement and find a comfortable couch, you need some serious help


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