Bruins Keeping Options 'Close to the Vest' as Move From Wilmington Remains Distinct Possibility

The team is exploring two options within 15 miles of its current rink.

Patch File Photo
Patch File Photo
With the team's season now officially behind them, members of the Boston Bruins ownership group are turning their attention to a key offseason decision that will impact the Town of Wilmington, one way or another.

This season marked the final year of the team's lease with Wilmington's Ristuccia Arena as their official practice facility.

In recent months as it appeared to become more clear the team would be moving on from Wilmington, possibilities were mentioned that included a potential move to Brighton, and the potential of building a facility connected to TD Garden as a part of an expansion project.

At the beginning of May there had been one report that sources were indicating the Bruins signed a three-year extension with Ristuccia Arena.

However, on Tuesday when Bruins Principal Charlie Jacobs was asked if there was an update on the facility, his answer cast some doubt on that.

"Yeah, we're actually in - interesting you bring it up, because we just had a meeting about our practice facility and a couple of different options," said Jacobs. "Best that I keep where we're at right now a little close to the vest and say that we are moving along, pursuing two distinct possibilities, both within 15 miles of the rink here."


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