When Does School Close for Winter Vacation in Wilmington?

Wilmington students are in for a long winter's break.

Wilmington High School. Photo Credit: Chris Gambon.
Wilmington High School. Photo Credit: Chris Gambon.

The students of Wilmington Public Schools District will have an entire 12 days off for Christmas/winter vacation this year.

With Christmas on a Wednesday, the last day of school for Wilmington's public school students will be Friday, Dec. 20, according to the district's calendar. They’ll then return to school after the New Year, on Thursday, Jan. 2.

Do you think students should be in school on Monday, Dec. 23? Or does it make sense to give them the whole week off? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 
bjp103028 December 08, 2013 at 08:25 AM
They should go to school on Dec 23rd.
Chloe Callahan December 08, 2013 at 07:47 PM
You try teaching kids on that day...


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