Former Phoenixville Middle School Principal Under Federal Investigation

There are no details yet on the allegations against Troy Czukoski.

Former Phoenixville Middle School Principal Troy Czukoski is being investigated by the US Attorney’s Office and Postal Service, Media Patch is reporting.

According to the Delaware County Daily Times, Czukoski was placed on leave from his current position as principal of Springton Lake Middle School, a Rose Tree Media School District school, on Thursday night. District parents learned of the news from a recorded message they received.

There is no information available at this time regarding the nature of the investigation but, according to the Times, Rose Tree officials suggested in their message that they don’t think Czukoski’s presence ever compromised the safety of Springton Lake students.

On Friday morning, Phoenixville Area School District superintendent Alan Fegley sent a letter to parents letting them know that the district is aware of the investigation. Fegley said the district doesn’t have any information on the specific allegations, but will cooperate fully if contacted by authorities.

Czukoski—who was profiled by Patch in September—served as principal of Phoenixville Middle School for seven years before moving to district office. He accepted the Springton Lake position in July of this year.

Peter Trantel October 23, 2012 at 10:07 PM
Where do we go from here
Prefer Anonymity October 25, 2012 at 04:54 AM
I came across these posts as I looked for an update on the investigation & noticed a lot of animosity among parents regarding bullying in the school system & "Dr. C's" character. I don't live in your area (not in the NE)...but I am the mother of a precious boy, not of school-age quite yet. I was bullied as a child, so I remember. I want to challenge you all to think about somethings, if I may, & have to be honest (as I have never done this kind of thing before) that I fear I will be verbally attacked by someone, or many people. What I want to say is this: It is so, so easy to judge each other. The reason for the investigation hasn't been revealed to the public but it can't be good or else he would not have been asked to take leave... People who have had positive experiences with him are waiting, anxiously, hoping it isn't what they "think" it is (or worse), while those who were not impressed with him based on their negative experiences may be waiting to say, "A-ha!.. I knew he was a ______!" Resist being so ready and quick to judge, or feel that anyone deserves a certain fate. Each one of us, if we are honest, has done something we are not proud of; something we wish we could do again differently, or not at all. The difference may be that you didn't get caught. Has this person done some good things? If he did something really deceptive or disturbing, is he defined by that ONE thing? Could he have done something really bad and genuinely care about his students too?
Marti Wagner December 27, 2012 at 04:40 AM
I am not judging or wishing any ill will or fate. Only sharing facts of my interactions with this person. Right or Wrong? Perhaps. His name in the news brought back unpleasant memories for me. I did have other children in the Phxvle school district who were exceptional and it was very easy for administrators to treat them well. My child with special needs was not easy, and was let down daily by peer, their parents and the educated professionals.
Mike December 28, 2012 at 06:53 PM
Bullying...the most overused term of the century so far.
Goddess March 12, 2013 at 09:58 PM
Dr. C has a problem.


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