Educators, Students, Ready for 'Fresh Start' on Tuesday

Superintendent of Schools Joanne Benton said she is excited for the new school year, and she believes the district's students share that sentiment.

Summer doesn’t officially end for a few weeks. But for Wilmington students and teachers it does on Monday and Tuesday. And for Superintendent of Schools Joanne Benton, that’s just fine.

Benton said that she is excited for the end of the district's summer vacation as teachers report for orientation on Monday before students pour into schools around town for the first day of the new year on Tuesday.

“I can’t wait for Tuesday, and I can’t wait to have students in the schools because that is what it’s all about,” said Benton. “It makes it so much more fun when the little ones are around, and I can’t wait for the high school kids to cross over Church Street to start the new year. I think the students are just as excited as I am.”

It’s routinely a hectic first week for Benton and other educators in town, but it’s one that they have down to a science with many years of experience.

According to the superintendent, she receives plenty of phone calls during the opening days of school. Benton said that as long as the calls feature a legitimate complaint or concern, the district is happy to accommodate parent requests.

Benton said she is looking forward to many things this school year, number one being the settlement of the so construction can begin. She also said she’s excited about the , and a pair of new curriculum employees.

One coordinator was hired for Science, Technology and Engineering and another for Reading and Language Arts.

“The great part about our job is that every year is a fresh start,” said Benton. “Every child has a fresh start with a new grade, every teacher has a fresh start with a new class. And that’s the exciting part about what we do.”

There is one other thing that Benton hoping for with the new school year upon her.

“I’m looking for another winter like we had last year,” she said lightheartedly.


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