Wilmington Candidates React to Election Day [VIDEO]

Michael Champoux, Manny Mulas and Mary Jane Byrnes victorious while Kevin MacDonald and Mario Marchese fall short.

UPDATE: Town Clerk Sharon George provided the official count of Saturday's election. Michael Champoux took the Board of Selectmen vote by a count of 1,476-370.

The unofficial numbers in the School Committee race proved to be the same in the official count.

ORIGINAL STORY: Voters decided on more of the same in the Board of Selectmen race while opting for new faces on the School Committee during .

Incumbent Michael Champoux soundly defeated Kevin MacDonald in the race for one seat on the Board of Selectmen.

Manny Mulas, meanwhile, was victorious in his second run for School Committee after an unsuccessful try last year. He was elected onto the board along with Mary Jane Byrnes, while incumbent Mario Marchese fell just short of re-election.

“Manny and I will be learning new things together,” said Byrnes. “He’ll have strengths, I’ll have strengths and I think coming to together as new members and mixing in with the established members could add a little energy and bring a bigger perspective.”

MacDonald, meanwhile, earned a small amount of votes while learning what he said was a valuable lesson.

The outspoken resident congratulated Champoux after the results were announced, and said he may consider running again in the future.

“You learn a lot when you’re campaign for the first time,” said MacDonald. “One of the things I learned is that it takes a lot of money to win. It takes a big organization and it takes a lot of support. You have to have thick skin. You can’t let people effect you. You just have to believe what you stand for and don’t be dissuaded by naysayers.”

For Champoux, the victory was a bigger picture sign of the direction the town continues to head in. 

“Winning makes me feel like Wilmington recognizes when good work is being done by good people,” he said.


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