Why Is Work Being Done at the High School?

For our latest 'You Ask... Patch Answers,' we address why construction work is going on around the Wilmington High School grounds.

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But one reader wants to know. If the school is being appealed, why are town employees working on the grounds?

"Do you know why the town workers were digging up the sidewalk and grass at the High School on the Adams Street side (on Wednesday)?," the reader asked. "I thought work could not be done on the site due to appeals"

Town Manager Michael Caira offered up the answer to this question on Friday, and said the work is unrelated to the new school.

"The School Department requested that the town provide additional parking spaces in that area to better accommodate staff needing closer access to the school," said Caira. "This will serve as temporary parking until the new school is in operation. It is not related to the school construction project."

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Josephine MorningStar August 05, 2012 at 06:17 PM
are there barriers set up, to prevent the run off from this area going directly into the waterway behind and around the school?? I was under the impression that NO amt of disturbing the ground could take place that close to a wetland without it being approved by the state.. so what is the DEP # for that construction?


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