Town Offices Close at Noon, RMLD 'Well Prepared' for Snow

Wilmington officials issued a warning to residents while Reading Municipal Light Department representatives said they're "well prepared" for the blizzard.

Wilmington officials announced on Friday morning that all town offices, including Wilmington Memorial Library, will close at noon due to the storm that is officially underway with some falling snow in the area.

"Residents are encouraged to remain off the roads during the storm," a press release issued by the town this morning reads. "The first priority for plowing operations will be keeping the roads cleared and safe for emergency operations."

The release reminded residents to only call 911 in case of an emergency, and to call (978) 658-5071 in non-emergency situations. Any power outages can be reported to Reading Municipal Light Department at (781) 944-1340.

RMLD, for its part, says it is ready to handle whatever the blizzard brings.

“RMLD is well prepared,” said Interim General Manager Kevin Sullivan.  “We do not expect this storm to rival the  damage suffered from hurricane-force winds and trees laden with leaves.”

Sullivan added that he does not expect as much tree debris from this storm. RMLD plans to keep staff overnight on Friday with line crews, two tree crews, two crews of contractors and customer service specialists who will answer anticipated phone calls, Sullivan said.

In Wilmington, trash collection went off as planned on Friday morning. A winter parking ban is currently in effect, and as a result vehicles should not be parked on public ways.


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