Temporary Sign Shows How McDonald's Visibility Could be Increased

There's a temporary sign up in front of McDonalds on Endicott Street to show the size and location of a proposed new sign that could help slumping sales.

A temporary sign up in front of the McDonalds restaurant on Endicott Streetthis week shows how a new sign might look if it was placed closer to the street - but lower.

The temporary sign has been up for the past few days as a way to show members of the Zoning Board of Appeals what the sign would look like if it granted approval.

McDonalds has a request before the board for it to approve the move, which would mean a sign the same size as its existing sign would be placed closer to the street, in a spot where a parking space is located now.

Restaurant officials told the board last week that the sign is so far back from the street now that drivers have a tough time seeing the sign, and an even harder time seeing the restaurant. The reduced visibility of the restaurant and the sign have led to sales that have fallen far short of the chain's forecast for the store. Moving the sign just feet from the street would help increase the visibility of the restaurant, which opened last November. The restaurant is one of four fast food restaurants that sit side-by-side along the street. For eastbound drivers, it is the fourth restaurant, after Wendy's, Taco Bell and Burger King. It is also McDonalds fourth restaurant in Danvers.

Since the existing sign was part of a variance that allowed seven signs on the property, the restaurant needs permission to make any changes to the signs, which would include the proposed move. The board next meets on Feb. 25 at Town Hall.

Buddy February 21, 2013 at 03:44 AM
I think people know its there, at least I do. But just don't want McDonald's or fast food. You can only eat so much.
Sean Ward February 21, 2013 at 10:59 PM
I went to that Taco Bell last week and did notice the Wendy's, BK, and Taco Bell signs are much more advantageously positioned. However I'd rather see all three of them moved back than see McD's moved up. Big plastic primary color signs right on the street don't do the towns image justice.


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