Selectmen Announce Yentile Farm Planning Committee

The board will consist of residents and town officials from various departments as the town looks to decide how to best use the Cross Street land.

The Wilmington Board of Selectmen laid out a plan during their Monday meeting to form a committee that will shape the .

In a letter to his fellow selectmen, chairman Mike Newhouse recommended board members combine to form a committee that will help decide exactly how the that was will be used.

Newhouse suggested, and board members agreed, that the committee will be made up of one member appointed by each selectmen, one member appointed by Town Manager Michael Caira, Caira or a designee of his choice, Public Works Superintendent Don Onusseit or a selection of his choice, the Recreation Director, the Planning and Conservation Director, the Health Director, and one member of the Board of Selectmen designated by Newhouse.

During the meeting, Newhouse said he has already spoken with board member Judy O’Connell and she is interested in representing the selectmen because of her background in youth sports.

“The Board of Selectmen has long identified as a community priority the need to expand upon the town’s inventory of athletic fields and recreational sites,” said Newhouse in his letter to selectmen, who pointed out several projects the town has finished in recent years. “The acquisition of Yentile Farm property, however, provides the town with a unique opportunity to build a more comprehensive play area to serve Wilmington families.”

Newhouse said the committee will be tasked with developing alternative plans for the use of the property, including the preparation of cost estimates and timelines associated with each option. The committee will also be asked to identify funding sources including grants, fundraising and gifts.

Appointments to the committee will be made by the next Board of Selectmen meeting, which is scheduled for Monday, September 10. Following that session, Caira will make plans to arrange the first meeting of the Yentile Farm Committee.

“If any resident or individual associated with the town wants to serve on the committee, they are welcome to call any board member,” said Newhouse. “If anyone feels uncomfortable doing that, they can call or e-mail the Town Manager and he will provide us with that list of names.”

So what do you want to see at Yentile Farm? Let us know what you think would be a good fit on the property in the comments section below.


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