New Library iPad Among Payments in Last Week

In total, the town cut 312 checks totaling $1,027,765.11 this week. Here are a few of those payments.

Each week the town spends money approved in the annual budget for everyday expenses and, each week, Wilmington Patch will be running a new feature, highlighting a handful of these expenses for our readers' perusal.

The following is a small sample of who the town paid, how much they paid them, and for what reason. Check back each week for more line items out of the town's budget.

In total, the town cut 312 checks totaling $1,027,765.11. Here are a few of those payments.

VENDOR NAME  HOW MUCH THE TOWN SPENT WHAT THE TOWN PURCHASED Shawsheen Valley Tech High School  $296,856.25 Monthly asssessment for Technical High School Apple Inc.  $399.00 Ipad for Memorial Library Associated Elevator Companies  $2,385.00 Maintenance on school elevators BrainPOP  $875.00 Animated curriculum for School Department Jomar Distributors Inc  $54.05 Maintenance supplies for Public Buildings Micros Northeast  $75.00 Computer replacement parts Police Survival Equipment Co.  $404.97 Equipment for police officers Special Agent Systems Inc  $288.00 Maintenance on motion sensor alarm Toshiba Busines Solutions  $515.00 Toner supplies for Police Department copiers Trane U.S. Inc.  $310.50 Boiler repair parts for Public Buildings


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