How Can You Get Rid of Your Christmas Tree?

For our latest You Ask...Patch Answers, we look at what you can do to dispose of your tree now that the holiday season is over.

Christmas has come and gone. And now that it's over, how do you dispose of your biggest decoration?

One of our reader is looking to do a little winter cleaning, and e-mailed to ask the best way to do so.

"When is Christmas Tree pick up?" the reader wrote.

Jamie Magaldi, Department of Public Works assistant superintedent, provided the answer, and it seems like getting rid of your Christmas Tree is a simple process.

According to Magaldi, all residents need to do to have their tree picked up is place it on the curb by January 11.

"We got a lot of the trees picked up already," said Magaldi. "They're not picked up with the trash because we pay by the ton to dispose of trash. So we chip the trees up and generate mulch that can be used by residents. That way it's recycling the trees and not having to pay for the disposal."

Anyone who misses the deadline of January 11 can put their tree out with their regular trash. By that point, however, Magaldi said the town usually only has a few trees to pick up.

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