Do You Agree With Choices Made by Voters at Saturday's Town Meeting?

A decision was made on the Whitfield School, Yentile Farm and Silver Lake. What do you think?

Town Moderator Jim Stewart announced this was his last Town Meeting. (File Photo)
Town Moderator Jim Stewart announced this was his last Town Meeting. (File Photo)
Though many items passed without much opposition, a long list of decisions were made at Annual Town Meeting on Saturday. So what is your opinion on the votes that were taken?

The item that was most discussed in the weeks and months leading up to the meeting was the proposed demolition of the Whitfield School on Middlesex Ave.

On Saturday, voters chose that the decision essentially was to make no decision.

By a vote of 124-73, residents agreed to wait until next year's Annual Town Meeting before deciding the historic building's fate.

According to Wilmington Apple, a total of 15 residents spoke on the article before the issue was tabled until next year. There were several residents waiting to speak when discussion was called.

Article 44 proposed the rezoning of land on Lowell Street to make it commercial property. That item was voted down by a 125-73 margin, Wilmington Apple reported. A Harold Ave. rezoning article was also denied by voters.

Among the items that passed with ease were items concerning the Yentile Farm property, Silver Lake bylaws, and medical marijuana zoning bylaws, along with the budget which was approved in a short time.

So what do you think? Do you agree with the decisions made by voters at Annual Town Meeting? Are you disappointed in any articles that did not pass? Let us know in the comments section below.


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