Annual Town Meeting Set for Saturday Morning

Several key warrant articles will be voted on Saturday beginning at 10:30 a.m. inside Wilmington Middle School.

Annual Town Meeting is slated to take place on Saturday morning at 10:30 a.m. with several items of note on the warrant.

There are capital purchases proposed, medical marijuana dispensary bylaws, and the fate of the Whitefield School on Middlesex Ave.

In total there are 46 warrant articles that will be take on. Below is a loot at a few of them.

Article 6 asks residents to approve the purchase of five replacement police cruisers, three one ton cargo vans for the Public Buildings Department and several other vehicles for the Department of Public Works and School Department.

Article 15 seeks the funding to replace about 9,170 square feet of roofing at North Intermediate School.

Article 21 relates to the former Yentile Farm property located at 9 Cross Street. The town now owns the land, and residents will be asked to approve a sum of money for the completion of the design and cost estimates for development of the land.

Article 26 asks residents if they approve of the demolition of the Whitefield School, located on Middlesex Ave., which is the oldest town-owned building. The town has said in recent months that the building is in poor condition, and would cost a significant amount of money to refurbish.

Article 35 was submitted after forums with residents and town officials over the state of Silver Lake. The article would give police the opportunity to fine residents $100 or $150 for violating the town's Recreation Commission Rules and Regulations.

Article 36 would amend the zoning bylaws related to the regulations of medical marijuana dispensaries that may open in Wilmington.

For a complete list of the warrant article for Annual Town Meeting, click here

Are you planning to attend Annual Town Meeting? Why or why not? What article most has your attention? Let us know in the comments section below.
Frank West May 02, 2014 at 03:17 PM
Pease attend town meeting and support our Historic Commission and vote against Article 26 which is asking to demolish the Whitefield School As it has been said many times, with an addition, this building could be used for needed senior housing (similar to Deming Way - no market rate housing) or a new combination town hall/school administration building. Knocking it down will only leave a portapotty for the soccer kids. Wilmington deserves to preserve what is left of its history and heritage. Please take the time and do the right thing and attend this Saturday, May 3rd at the Wilmington Middle School and show we care about our history. Frank West
Rachel winfred May 02, 2014 at 10:11 PM
Mr West I have researched the whitefield school and do not find any real historical importance for the building itself the name was given to the school because a decade prior a well known preacher spoke across the street from that site. This building is probably full of asbestos and other toxins and would cost the town millions to renovate and bring up to code. Knocking it down and looking at the soccer field with the potty would be a improvement. I do agree with you on one point attend the town meeting and support the demolition of the whitefield school.
Frank West May 03, 2014 at 04:57 AM
Ms Winfield - In order to demolish a building, the asbestos needs to be removed and disposed of prior to demolition. The total cost of demolition requested by the Board of Selectmen warrant article is $150K INCLUDING removal and disposal of asbestos. Based on the article as written, I assume the cost of the asbestos removal is probably $75K or less. According to the building superintendent George Hooper, the current need for the building is a new roof with an estimated cost of $42K not including the potential of fixing any wood needing replacing. As for the historical significance, this building is part of what Wilmington was and with the guidance of the historical commission, could easily be part of our future as a community. There is active talk about demolishing the Roman House next year, do you support this demolition as well? As for your last point, we DO agree to attend town meeting, but I support the Historical Commission and at least give them the respect they deserve and see what they can come up with for a plan to renovate the building. I support voting a resounding NO to destroying the Whitefield School!


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