Wilmington Police Offer Tips for Safe Trick or Treating

Lt. Joe Desmond said police are taking steps to assure a safe and happy Halloween.

There will be plenty of treats tonight around Wilmington. The Wilmington Police Department hopes that, like in recent years, the tricks will be at a minimum.

Halloween arrived on Wednesday and despite Hurricane Sandy, Trick or Treat will go on as planned in town. Wilmington Police Lt. Joe Desmond said that his expectations for the evening are the same as in years past.

“We will have some extra patrols out, but Halloween is not what it used to be in years past,” said Desmond. “We used to have a large number of calls for people egging houses and such. Thankfully that seems to have waned in recent years. Usually it’s a quiet and well-behaved night. I’m sure there will be some calls, but not at the level that we used to get.”

Though the majority of the town has received its electricity back after Monday’s storm, there are some homes still in the dark. Much of the clean up has been completed in town, but Desmond urged residents to be on the lookout for danger when out Trick or Treating.

In addition, Desmond also encouraged parents to go out with their children Trick or Treating rather than allowing them to go alone.

“We certainly want people to be careful and aware of their surroundings,” said Desmond. “If you see down branches or wires, avoid them. Make sure you have lighting with you and just be careful.”

Desmond also asked drivers who may be on the road tonight to reduce speed and pay particularly close attention with so many children out on the sidewalks and streets.

Of the extra patrols that will be out tonight, Desmond said many of them will focus their attention on side streets where most of the children will be.

“It’s a great night and we certainly want to do our best to make sure it’s a safe night without any issues,” said Desmond. “At the end of the night, it’s all about the kids enjoying themselves.”


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