Firefighters Squelch Andover Street Propane Leak

The Monday incident was triggered when a scrap collector hit a 100-pound cylinder.

A metal scrap collector inadvertently triggered a propane leak when he struck a tank in his van while loading items on Monday afternoon, forcing the closure of Andover Street for a period of time before the scene was safe.

The incident happened on Monday afternoon at 214 Andover Street when the scrap collector accidentally pierced a 100-pound cylinder that was in the back of his van.

Because of the propane in the air, firefighters were forced to ask police to close Andover Street for about one hour while they worked at the scene.

Deputy Chief Rick McClellan said crews tied into a hydrant on the opposite side of Andover Street and used it to fog the area around the van, dissipating the gas until it was no longer a threat.

According to McClellan, the man believed the propane tank was empty until he struck it with the metal.

Susan Rufo November 13, 2012 at 02:32 PM
Is this the same scrap guy that knocked over my lamppost and left a complete mess in my yard? Cost me time and money to replace it. Can we regulate these collectors?


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