Busy Saturday for Wilmington Firefighters

Wilmington Fire Department fielded three calls at once during Saturday shift.

Wilmington firefighters battled smoke and flames coming from inside a local business on Saturday, but that wasn't their only concern.

In the middle of their efforts to put out flames at on Andover Street, firefighters also received three other calls for incidents happening in town.

The initial Andover Street incident was called in as smoke was showing from an HVAC unit on the roof of Stafford Manufacturing.

Deputy Fire Chief John Brown said the flames were eventually spotted and were confined to an oven inside the building. However, because the smoke was so heavy, firefighters had a difficult time locating where exactly the fire was at first.

Three Wilmington units responded to battle the fire in addition to an engine from Andover and an engine from North Reading.

While Brown and Fire Chief Ed Bradbury were on Andover Street with other firefighters, they received two calls for medical assistance in Wilmington. But that wasn't all.

At the same time, firefighters responded to a call for a mulch fire in Wilmington. That small incident was quickly controlled, as was the oven fire on Andover Street, according to Brown.


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