Bus Carrying Boutwell Students Involved in Tuesday Crash

Though children were on board during the Tuesday incident, no injuries were reported.

A Wilmington school bus with students on board was involved in an accident with another vehicle on Tuesday morning, though all involved escaped injury.

According to Wilmington Police Lt. Brian Pupa, the bus backed into a motor vehicle that was in the roadway in front of 62 Boutwell Street, causing damage. Pupa said there were no injuries, and no one was transported to the hospital after the crash.

Superintendent of Schools Joanne Benton confirmed that students were on the bus when the collision occurred.

Benton added that she arrived on scene just after the accident.

“A kind neighbor was on the bus with the students when I arrived,” said Benton. “I stayed with the students until another bus came.”

Once the new bus arrived, students boarded and continued on to . Benton notified parents about the incident on Tuesday morning. 

Proud Parent September 05, 2012 at 07:39 PM
Honestly, my son wasn't on that bus and I am not sure how I would feel about a stranger being let on the bus he was on. Then again I almost followed it to school yesterday, so I coiuld have been the inocemt person let on the bus. Everyone is safe and we should just be happy for that,
Nurse Kay September 05, 2012 at 10:38 PM
We live in a town with many sex offenders. The towns around us also have quite a few sex offenders. Many of our residents are not listed because they're still serving time for their offenses or because they got off. In the last two years, many of our local kid gyms, activity centers, and playgrounds have been shut down for a day or completely evacuated due to a few alert parents who caught predators in the act. Even places that supposedly have strict enforcement somehow let them in like the gym on Main street or the one over in Woburn. The individual didn't even have a child with him and locked himself in the bathroom. How on earth did he get in? This is all around us! It's not exactly paranoia. With this said however, if the bus was going up in flames or the driver hollered for help for the injured, you can bet I'd be the first to jump on that bus and help a child to safety or sit with the injured until the EMT's arrived. I think it's good to know the viewpoints of others. For myself and Townie, we know we need to be that much more aware of our children and surroundings knowing that other parents may not be doing the same just as some of the other parents may get comfort in knowing there are parents out there watching like hawks to protect our youth. I believe it's just differences in parental opinion. I see it all the time, especially at the lake. I can't tell you how many kids or BABIES I've gone after flailing in the water because the parent think there kids will be OK...
thistownisajoke January 17, 2013 at 03:02 PM
have to agree, when a person gets pulled over in this town there are 3 cruisers on the scene, nevermind an accident where there is children involved and EMS is dispatched, your telling me the only available person was a "kind person" to come on the bus? even bus drivers have eluded cory checks and have done sick things to students. someone from the police or EMS staff should of supervised the children should the bus driver need to step off for a statement. this town is a joke, school system along with it, i know because i was in it and i live here and my children were on that bus. have any of you other . as for helping on the playground, where was the parent? thats how kids get taken from places such as playgrounds. have you looked at a sex offender map lately? really though , ems staff couldnt get on the bus?
thistownisajoke January 17, 2013 at 03:09 PM
totally different situation, no injuries involved in this, no life saving measures were needed, authorized supervision was needed. im assuming this person on the bus (probably just a good person, but maybe not) was left unattended while the driver got off to go see the other vehicle owner and talk to police.
thistownisajoke January 17, 2013 at 03:32 PM
thats like fighting with the other parent in front of the children, YOU DONT! and they dont know about it. us, well some of us as adults can defend themselves or know what the situation is without being scared, a 5yo doesnt, the bus driver could comfort them because you as a parent should of already talked to your children about strangers and who are safe people to trust.


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