Who Should Patch's Teacher of the Year Be?

Nominate in the comments section or e-mail matthew.schooley@patch.com.

Great teachers often fly under the radar. Now is your chance to change that.

We want your help in selecting Patch's Teacher of the Year. , a Shawsheen Elementary School teacher. Who will this year's selection be?

The criteria is simple. We want to find a teacher who inspires his or her students, finds a unique way to teach subjects in the classroom, and who is overall an outstanding educator.

Your children are the ones in the classroom, and you as parents have met Wilmington's finest teachers throughout the year, so it only makes sense that you help in the selection process.

Let us know in the comments section who your choice is, and why. You can also e-mail Local Editor Matt Schooley with your pick. Either way, be specific when you let us know your selection.

Thanks for your help, and be sure to check back later this month for a feature story about Patch's Teacher of the Year.


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