Letter to the Editor: In Defense of Bonish

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To The Editor,

In from earlier (this week) she makes several insinuations about my wife, Ginny Bonish, and I'd like to set the record straight.  She implies in her letter that because Ginny and her supporters are out holding signs on a Saturday morning that we're bad parents.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  For the record, Ginny & I cut short our sign-holding last Saturday to attend our son's baseball game who plays for Wilmington High.  Our 'crew' stayed until noon.  After the baseball game we both headed to Marblehead where our youngest son was in a basketball tournament (he had two games there).  Sign-holding is not an indication of being a bad parent - it's a sign of a candidate who has shown leadership and organizational skills to form a well run committee of individuals who believe she is the most qualified candidate.

Ms. O'Mahony next implied that the first thing Ginny did was to go find political allies.  This is simply not true.  Like her candidate, Ginny also did her homework.  She met with many people in town before she decided to run so that she could make an informed decision.  After deciding to run she earned the support of many in town who looked at her education (Boston College grad), her work experience (Tufts University - 19 years), her parental experience (1 graduate of WHS who is currently a sophomore at UMass/Amherst, a senior at WHS who will attend Tufts University in the Fall, and a 6th grader at the Wilmington Middle School), and her volunteerism (3 years on the Wilmington High School Council among other things).  I can honestly say I would be impressed by her qualifications even if she wasn't my wife.

Ms. O'Mahony has her candidate and that's fine.  I wish every election in this town was contested.  But her snide remarks and insinuations have no place in any election, and frankly I'm surprised she has stooped so low since she has never met Ginny.  I would also ask the voters of Wilmington to do their homework.  In addition to looking at one debate where each candidate spoke for less than 20 minutes, you, the voters should check out each candidate's experience and record and ask yourself one question: Which candidate has the best qualifications and experience to help the children of Wilmington?

You can check out Ginny's website at:

David O'Mahony April 22, 2011 at 11:06 PM
Manny Mulas passionately believes in the importance of public education. He is a good man and a good friend. I also know Leslee Quick and I believe that she has done a good job on the School Committee and is deserving of a vote. I don't know the other candidates for School Committee personally, but I respect their desire to perform this public service and their willingness to subject themselves to the public scrutiny that follows. I have no respect for people who use the anonymity of public forums, such as this one, to score political points by exhibiting a mean-spiritedness, and a pathological flare for sarcasm, that would not be tolerated in person. I hesitated to comment on my wife's post at length, but I feel compelled to leave the readers of this thread with the following 2 observations:
David O'Mahony April 22, 2011 at 11:07 PM
1) I distinctly remember the genesis of my wife's observation about holding signs and it did not come from a belief that people who hold political signs are bad or neglectful parents - it came from our own experience of looking at our Saturday schedules and comparing the demands on our time with that of our friends who have kids of about the same age. Jomarie and I have four kids between the ages of one and eight. On Saturdays, we have dance, soccer, baseball, softball, karate and we run our own small businesses in town. I don't know the circumstances of the other people supporting other candidates, but I do know that our friends, including the people supporting Manny, tend to have children of about the same age with similar demands on their time. That is what Jomarie had in mind when she made her comment and anyone who thinks otherwise is just plain wrong.
David O'Mahony April 22, 2011 at 11:07 PM
2) Regarding her comment about Manny not seeking out "political allies," again, she was speaking about what Manny did - not what anybody else did or did not do. In point of fact, Jomarie and I know and respect many of the elected officials who are supporting Ginny and I'd imagine that Ginny and Manny have more in common than this dust up would indicate. Jomarie’s intent in making that comment was to show that Manny was focused on the schools first, and politics second. Perhaps all of the candidates share that attribute. As I mentioned, Jomarie and I don't know the other candidates (besides Leslee Quick) - we only know Manny in this regard and can only speak to what we know. I hope this clears up some of the misconceptions about my wife's letter.
Karl Ian Sagal April 23, 2011 at 12:12 AM
So JCTJCC, Are you saying that you agree it is not about spending money on a new building, but rather making sure that the educational process is best supported? That people are so concerned about the building itself, they are missing the point that it is supposed to be about the education, not the stuff. If so, I agree.
Robert Hayes April 23, 2011 at 02:35 AM
I wish all School Committee candidates the best of luck tomorrow! I wish I was able to cast at least three votes. Those who know me know where my two votes are going. If you’re a Bonish supporter and your “second choice” is Quick, please vote Quick with your second vote. If you’re a Mulas supporter and your “second choice” is Quick, please vote Quick with your second vote. You certainly have the right to just cast one vote, but three years of exemplary service should be rewarded!


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