Fundraising Efforts Approach $20,000 for Kelly Family

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Jennifer Earls & Brenton Thornicroft
The Kelly Family Benefit, Wilmington, MA
Website: www.kellyfamilyfund.com

Dear Editor,

This letter of gratitude is being sent to you regarding your assistance and support with sharing news of the fundraising efforts for the Kelly family, including the , which was held on Wednesday, August 8, 2012 from 5-9 p.m. at the Wilmington Knights of Columbus, Wilmington, MA. Thanks to your generous efforts, the raffle, silent auction, and overall event resulted in a total of $9,426 raised, all of which has already been deposited in the Kelly Family Fund in order to provide relief to the Kelly family of Wilmington as they recover from two life-changing tragedies. Between 200-300 people from Wilmington and beyond were in attendance at the benefit, including the Kelly family, who shared touching words and emotion of sincere appreciation to all who have provided support. In addition to the benefit, the online donation site has brought in approximately $9,700; thus, we have succeeded in raising a total of $19,156 to date, and the donations continue to pour in! 

We sincerely thank you for all of your efforts and generosity. You have truly given the gift of hope and renewed the Kelly family’s inspiration to heal and thrive once again. On a personal note, we feel deeply warmed by the knowledge that there are such supportive people in the world who are willing to join together to support their fellow human beings. On behalf of the Kelly family, please know that your selflessness and kindness will never be forgotten.

Warm regards, 
Jennifer Earls & Brenton Thornicroft


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