Save Mercedes: Unfairly Profiled Female Pitbull Scheduled for Death on Wednesday

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It's a shame that breed profiling is taking place in Wilmington, Mass. If you read the Town Crier last week on the front page you would see an article about a DOG fight that occured at Silver Lake involving a pitbull named Mercedes and another dog. Yes, she did get away from her owner, but it was to engage in a playful manner with another dog. Dogs being dogs, she then tried to climb on the other dogs back and that dog ( a lab/chow mix) then aggressively resisted. She ran away , but then was engaged by this other dog into a fight. She was subdued by her owner, but the other dog continued to be aggressive and excited as his owner kept yelling, and this dog actually attacked its owner in the neck causing so  much damage that he was taken to Boston for an over night stay. Mercedes has NEVER bittena Human being.

Wilmington Police dog officer Ellen Sawyer was involved and issued a 10 day quarantine for Mercedes.( Usually happens when a human is attacked), and had Tewksbury police handle the issue of the other dog, as it was from Tewksbury. Why she didn`t handle and ensure the other dog would be treated the same way as Mercedes does not make sense to me. His attack was more severe and on a human that involved turning on its own owner which is worse as far as trusting a dog in the community. A call was made to the Tewksbury dog officer today and he was not called on this case right away but Tewksbury Board of Health was involved and issued a 10 day Quarantine in the home for 10 days. The board of health was involved as the owner was treated at a hospital for injuries and I am sure it was reported from the doctor. AND the quarantine was at the dog`s HOME, not at the Vet in Dracut that they use. The Tewksbury dog officer is now following up to see if this dog is vaccinated and licensed. It seems that  Wilmington could have issued a home quarantine for Mercedes especially with financial issues on the owners part and she did not attack a human being as the other dog did. The Wilmington dog officer seems to be the Aggressive one here.

Andover Animal hospital is housing the dog, and nothing  more. No evaluation being made on her temperment or check for any illness, etc. This is costing the owner who has little means almost 300.00 per day. My understanding of quarantine was to evaluate and make recommendations to the dog officer, or at least should be. The owner does not have money to go to court and is being harrassed and pressured by uneducated neighbors, and the dog officer who recommend ending her life tomorrow. The owner feels he has no choice which is a pitty. This dog could be placed back at home and or in an appropriate environment . The owner is willing to place her up for adoption as he does not want her put to sleep either.

Please advocate for Mercedes by calling the Wilmington dog officer before tomorrow 5/16, as she does not have much time. Ask for home release and help for the owner and letting him place her up for adoption at the humane society if he chooses. Also  let Andover animal hospital know to advocate for her and not to do it. Or if you know anyone who is willing to adopt her, please contact me at my e-mail address as I can reach the owner.

It looks like Wilmington has more that one pitbull on the loose, and has a police title.

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Angela Donahue May 16, 2012 at 04:13 PM
Ignorance! It is the media that shows only pitbull attacks. Last year there was an attack on the news about a pitty and it turned out that it was a bull dog. I have been a care giver professtionally for seven years. The only dogs I've ever been bit by was a boston terrier and a jack russel. I walk a pitbull regularly and on our walk there are at least 8 dogs varying from Rotties to Pomeranians that all would rip our face off given half a chance. And the pitbull I'm walking doesn't react at all to them, not even a bark.
Kim Carroll May 16, 2012 at 09:19 PM
I suppose you racially profile as well by your ignorant remarks! " the type of people that buy these dogs" Ignorant- save your simple minded comments please!
Kim Carroll May 16, 2012 at 09:23 PM
Do you have actual facts and statistics to compare with surrounding towns? I would be very interested in seeing them. This was not the case with this dog, she did not stay up till midnight trying, or even have the dog medically and tempermentally evaluated! HEr neglect on following up on the dog from Tewksbury and lack of concern was also appauling!
Kim Carroll May 16, 2012 at 09:30 PM
Why is Ellen and the owner saying it costs him that per day? It was not my fact but hers and the owner! The words were hundreds not in tenths. The owner of the other dog is not up for recommendations of muzzling, etc, , even with the damage he has done! COME ON! Unfortunately , there is not an IQ scoring test before adopting a dog as you are suggesting. But then again, there isnt one for people either!!!!! FREE trainings offered to well intentioned and loving people that could be good dog owners should be implemented, and maybe as you say more animals would be saved. Blaming the victim (owner or parent) is also profiling and ignorant!
Betty Geist November 21, 2012 at 04:18 PM
Joe you seem to be everywhere leaving Stupid comment on pit bulls (type of people ) Are you talking about nurses.professorial people.You been reading to many newspapers. Go get educated on the breed before you open you big fat mouth Joe. people like you Don't even own one


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