Verizon Outage Still Impacting Wilmington and Others

Wilmington's Registry of Motor Vehicles is closed for a second straight day.

Wilmington and other towns across the Merrimack Valley are impacted for a second straight day by Verizon outages that have left thousands of customers without Internet, television and phone services.

On Monday, a mattress caught fire beneath Lawrence's Central Bridge. As a result, the fiber-optic lines were scorched leading to the wide-ranging issues.

Tuesday, for a second consecutive day, Wilmington's is . Several communities have reported issues with their 911 services, but Wilmington Police Lt. Brian Pupa said there were no issues in town that he was aware of.

One Wilmington Patch reader said that Market Basket's credit and debit system was down, but that the business had a contingency plan in place.

According to the Eagle-Tribune, Verizon employees continue to work to solve the issues. But a North Andover resident told the newspaper that he was told service may not be restored until 6 p.m. on Wednesday.

"Crews continued working through the night bringing more and more customers back in service," Verizon spokesman Phil Santoro told the Eagle-Tribune, adding that more updates will come throughout the day.


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