Share Your Scariest Ghost Stories

You could be featured in this week's Patch Picks.

With Halloween right around the corner, this is the time of year when everything becomes a little spookier. The early sunsets cast eerie shades and shadows on the thinning trees. The cold air begins to chill your bones at night. And all the grandiose homes of generations past seem more intimidating in the late night hours.

Have you ever had a creepy experience you just couldn't explain, or hear the story of someone else who has? Do you have any haunting stories about the town of Wilmington, or some of the historic landmarks therein? 

Here at Patch, we want to help you get into the Halloween spirit by featuring Wilmington's greatest ghost stories. Share your own personal stories, or the most popular tales of the town's history.

You can leave your stories in the comment section below. As always, we encourage commenters to leave their thoughts under their real name, but we understand the skepticism out there, so if you have a really good ghost story, but would like to keep your identity confidential, you can email your story to Local Editor Matt Schooley.


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