Escape Into a Book

Find a cheap escape indoors.

The rainy weather this week definitely leaves many moms without an opportunity to escape outdoors. But you don't have to leave the house to escape for a little while. Books are a great, and cheap, way to take a break from your hard work and get lost in an alternate world or life.

And Wilmington has some great, cheap, options to find good books.

's thrift store has a ton of classic books, but also a lot of relatively new books for a very very discounted price.

also offers the latest bestsellers, many times for the same if not less than at big bookstores. Market Basket also offers some paperback and hardcover books.

And who can forget, has all sorts of choices for your reading needs.

Robert Hayes May 19, 2011 at 01:45 AM
... and right next door to the library is the Book Store Next Door. All books are $2 or less with more than 5,000 titles to chose from! A COMMUNITY book store run entirely on donations and volunteers! 100% of the proceeds benefit the library. In fact, we're approaching $75,000 raised for the library! Just sayin'. :)


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