Real Estate Platform Charges No Commission

What if you could sell your home, receive all the benefits that a licensed real estate professional provides – and do it all for a special fixed fee offer of $2,000. iGOForSaleByOwner.com makes it possible for home sellers and buyers to fully transact real estate online, from creating a listing to making an offer.


Hi-end consumer electronics, vacations, clothes and even new cars are all common purchases that consumers are comfortable making on-line. “Selling a home on-line is an evolution - not a revolution,” said Donald Van Dyne, president of iGOfsbo. ”It’s a natural and logical progression as more than 90 percent of consumers are already starting their home search on-line. The iGOfsbo platform empowers sellers and buyers to complete the sales process on the internet.”


iGOForSaleByOwner.com offers a systematic approach to “For Sale By Owner’ (FSBO) sellers and buyers supported by a comprehensive and transparent online program that preserves home equity and saves time.


Until now, homeowners had just two options. They could hire a traditional real estate professional and pay a real estate commission upwards of $40,000 depending on the value of their home – or they could sell their home totally unassisted without an agent, in hopes of saving on the large commission expense, but losing out on the marketing and consulting skills of a real estate professional.


“iGoForSaleByOwner blends the human touch with technology to offer home sellers and buyers the best of both worlds. The sales and marketing expertise of a real estate professional and the efficiency of a systematic program– at  a consumer friendly cost,” said Van Dyne.


iGOForSaleByOwner.com openly challenges the costly traditional commission broker’s way of doing business. “We offer greater value and a higher level of service and attention. More notably, we follow all the sequential steps necessary to transact real estate - but we do it on-line,” said Van Dyne.


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