Used Book Superstore Owner Provides Answers on Future of Business

Last Week we reported on the closing of Got Books, which collects used books from donation containers located New England, and refurbishes them for sale through the subsidiary company, Used Book Superstore.

The old Wilmington Used Book Superstore. Photo Credit: File.
The old Wilmington Used Book Superstore. Photo Credit: File.
As reported on Wilmington Patch last week, a Wilmington book donation company that is the parent company for a used book store will be closing after more than a decade in business.

Got Books, headquartered at 40 Fordham Road in Wilmington, collects used books from individuals at their home or office and from hundreds of donation containers located throughout New England.

A Used Book Superstore opened on Fordham Road in Wilmington in 2013, but closed only a few months later

The owner of Got Books and the Used Book Superstore, Bob Ticehurst, sent out an update on the future of Used Book Superstore. 

"As some of you may know, I am the owner of two separate companies; Used Book Superstore and Got Books," he said in a release. "This past year has been a challenging one for Got Books, and unfortunately, I was not able to find a way to make Got Books succeed without it continuing to impact Used Book Superstore in a negative way. Because of this, I have sold off Got Books and all of the containers that were operated by Got Books will soon be managed by two other companies."

Despite the challenges facing Got Books, Ticehurst said the used book stores have thrived. 

"The Used Book Superstores have continued to have another great year," he said. "Last year we saw our 5th straight year of sales increases. It's because of great customers like you that we continue to grow as a business. Yes, there have been some unsuccessful attempts at opening additional locations, like Wilmington and Plymouth. However, our Burlington and Danvers stores continue to see double digit sales growth and our Salem store has seen some very positive results over the past year as well."

Because the Used Book Superstores did purchase books, DVDs and CDs from Got Books, and this company no longer exists, Ticehurst said they have started the process of finding new sources for their supply. There are many companies that exist where they can get the supply we need, he said, and the company will close a deal soon with one of them to provide the store will supplies. 

"We will also expand on our Cash4 program this year and continue to accept donations in stores on behalf of local charities that we partner with," Ticehurst said. 

"Once again, we plan on having Used Book Superstore around for many years to come," Ticehurst concluded. "As long as our great customers continue to shop our aisles and aisles of books, DVDs, CDs and toys, we will continue to succeed. We have current leases in all of our locations and continue to negotiate extensions as the leases get close to expiring. My focus will be 100 percent on making Used Book Superstore the world's best used book store company."

Turkey man January 23, 2014 at 07:53 AM
Wow thets graet I goez thare allz the timez to reed. Good luck Bob. Ill stilz be reeding all thoze books


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