Sunday is Final Day of Business for K&A Cones

The business' owner is shutting down shop as the next step in his business plan, with reopening Kendra & Anthony's still a possibility.

As a part of the next step in his future business venture, Joe Prezioso is closing K&A Cones at the end of business on Sunday.

Earlier this year, Prezioso closed Kendra & Anthony’s Pizza with an eye on opening in a new location. Though those plans remain up in the air, he is now closing his ice cream business to help with his big picture vision.

“Things have been great, but it’s just time for me to take my business to the next level,” said Prezioso. “This is the next step going forward. I can’t wait to inform everyone where I am going to be reopening.”

Prezioso said the location of his two businesses was ideal. Because they were within 100 yards of each other, he was easily able to keep an eye on both restaurants.

Despite the closing of K&A Cones, Prezioso said he still does not have a definite timeline established that he can share with customers.

“It can't happen soon enough,” said Prezioso when asked when he hopes to reopen. “I wish I had an answer, but I don’t right now. Once everything is finalized, I will inform everyone. I’ll be shouting from the rooftops.”

K&A Cones is open from 12-8 p.m. on Sunday, its final day of business.

Since he closed Kendra & Anthony’s, Prezioso said he frequently gets questions from Wilmington residents asking when he’ll be rejoining the business community, something that serves as a motivating factor.

“It inspires me to work harder and get this done faster,” said Prezioso. “I’m at the mercy of the process, but I’m working as diligently as I can to move forward. Thank you to all my fans, customers and patrons. We’re looking forward to providing you service in the near future.”


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