January Closing Confirmed for Wilmington Staples

The business is preparing sales displays as it will close on January 4 as the company closes 30 North American stores.

There have been rumors since Staples announced in September it was closing 30 North American stores that Wilmington’s location would be one of the stores shut down. That notion was confirmed on Wednesday as the store will close its doors in about two weeks.

Edder Mora, the manager on duty Wednesday at Staples, said the store is beginning to put together displays to alert customers of upcoming sales as the store will close on January 4.

Coffman Realty manages the property, along with others in the plaza. A representative at Coffman Realty said that the company has already begun its search for a business to replace Staples.

Mora said there will be signs out in the store informing customers that some printers in the store will be up to 50 percent off and computers and other technology can be purchased for 20 percent off.

“Customers are sad we’re closing because they got close to the associates and management team,” said Mora. “Most of them are regular customers who come to the store all the time. From that perspective, it’s a little difficult.”

The closing of Staples stores around the country is intended to boost revenue as the company focuses on its online retail operation.

There are Staples locations near Wilmington in Burlington and Woburn. Mora said that Wilmington Staples employees will still have jobs in the company, just in other locations.

“As a team member, it’s going to be hard to see the store close, because you really become close with your team,” said Mora.

Kevin MacDonald December 26, 2012 at 05:33 PM
I'd like to publicly thank the employees of Staples who have always been very helpful. I have been especially pleased with the service I have received from the copy and print center. I hope the Staples corporate executives are taking care of these employees who have been an asset to this company and this community.
Sherry Baldwin December 29, 2012 at 04:38 PM
As a life long resident of Wilmington, I just want to thank all of the wonderful local customers who helped make our store a success- yes, it was a success! I will miss the daily interaction with so many of our loyal Wilmington customers (business, teachers etc.) at the customer service desk. Sherry Baldwin


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