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Mysterious Donor Installs Wildcat Logo at Town Field

The new "W" can be seen at the Glen Road fields and exemplifies what is special about Wilmington.

For as long as any of us can remember Wilmington has always had a certain sense of pride.

Wilmington residents are well known for taking pride in the community, caring for our neighbors and, of course, supporting thier Wildcat teams. Youth sports are a huge part of the culture here in Wilmington and we, as fans, have been known to support our teams very seriously.

Recently, a new addition to the Wildcat pride collection appeared here in town.  All you have to do is take a quick trip to the Town Hall, glance over to the field and look up and this new landmark is hard to miss. Perched high atop the “Snack Shack” building is a brand new, giant Wilmington Wildcat “W.”

The Glen Road field is home to the Wilmington Pop Warner Program and the building itself serves as the program’s Snack Shack. During the spring months it is also used to support Wilmington’s Little League Program.

Nothing quite says Wildcat Pride like a giant “W” and this one makes quite an impact. What makes this new landmark even more special, however, is the mystery that surrounds it. There was no ribbon cutting, no unveiling ceremony and no announcement. Nearly everyone who stepped on the field last weekend was absolutely shocked to see it.

So, how exactly, did the giant “W” end up on the snack shack? Well, it’s obvious that a lot of labor and teamwork went into erecting the “W” but the mystery remains a well guarded secret these days. It seems that the mysterious donor not only built the “W” but also put together a dedicated team who quietly erected it and walked away before they received any credit.

It seems that supporting the community and the kids who play in it was more important than anything else to this anonymous donor. Instead of looking for credit, this team looked to put smiles on the faces of the players who use the Glen Road fields. 

Without a doubt the new “W” represents Wildcat pride but equally important, it proves that, here in Wilmington, we still have plenty of people that work hard to put community and kids first.

If you want to check out the new “W,” Wilmington Pop Warner will be hosting their Annual Homecoming Celebration at the Glen Road Field on Sunday, October 7. There will be football games, family fun, treats and plenty of Wildcat Pride to go around!


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