Have you Been 'Boo-ed' In Wilmington?

The anonymous way of spreading Halloween cheer shows that the spooky holiday isn't only for children.

As Halloween approaches and you prepare for the scariest night of the year there is one simple question to be answered. Have you been Boo-ed?

Obviously if you have been hanging out at karaoke lately this might be a bit of a touchy question. If, however, you’ve had your doorbell ring only to find nothing but a Halloween surprise waiting for you when you answered, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Not your usual game of “ding, dong, ditch,” this new “trick” that’s taking place in neighborhoods all over town is all about having fun and spreading a little Halloween cheer.

Earlier this week I started seeing posts on Facebook from friends who had been “Boo-ed” and I decided to see what, exactly, was going on. 

According to “You’ve been Boo-ed”, this is a tradition that’s been catching on all over the country for around 20 years. No one knows quite how it started but, without a doubt, “Boo-ing” has become quite a hit here in Wilmington.

On the website you can find a map showing “boos” per state and find fun ideas to put into a “boo basket.” While being “Boo-ed” doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to reciprocate, it does have a funny way of reminding everyone involved how much fun a little unexpected surprise can be. Truth be told it’s hard to not want to “Boo” someone after you’ve been “Boo-ed.”

Let’s face it. Halloween treats make both kids and adults smile. What could be more fun than finding a basket full of them left at the door by a mysterious and friendly ghost?

Let us know here at Patch if you’ve been “Boo-ed” and share your pictures too.


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