Caira and Cimaglia Selected as People of the Year

Readers chose Michael Caira, the recently retired Town Manager, and Cimaglia, the Veterans Agent, selectman and Local Heroes founder as the year's most newsworthy people.

Among the many headlines of 2012, there were two people who were among the regular contributors.

Though there were many outstanding nominations to choose from, we’ve selected Veterans Agent Lou Cimaglia and recently retired Town Manager Michael Caira as Wilmington Patch’s People of the Year.

Caira spent the last year winding down an impressive career that spanned more than two decades. He earned the praise of local officials and those from across the region for his work as Town Manager.

Cimaglia, meanwhile, is an active volunteer for several groups in Wilmington in addition to his role on the Board of Selectmen and as the town’s Veterans Agent. He is the founder of Local Heroes, which won the earlier this year.

“It’s appropriate that (Caira) is one of the People of the Year because he could easily have been one of the people of the decade or people of the last quarter century,” said selectman Mike Champoux, who added that he has known Cimaglia since before working with him on the Board of Selectmen. “My respect for Lou is immense because his commitment to do what’s right for everyone, especially veterans, is second to none.”

Fellow selectman Judy O’Connell agreed that Cimaglia and Caira are worthy Person of the Year choices.

O’Connell said each resident is passionate about the job they do, and they have played integral parts to helping the town evolve during difficult times across the nation.

“They are two outstanding choices,” said selectman Judy O’Connell. “(Caira) made such major progress for this town. He has taken Wilmington being a good town to being a great one … And with Lou, what he does isn’t a job. It’s a passion for him. He just loves what he does.”

Among the other nominations received for Person of the Year were Sgt. David McCue of the Wilmington Police Department. One reader called McCue, “He is a very caring, considerate and giving person who has helped and continues to help people in need in the community.”

Caira and Cimaglia were praised by their colleagues for not only their work as town officials, but also for their character at home as well.

“As a family man, (Caira) is an example of what good family values are, and Lou is exactly the same way,” said Champoux. “They’re both good guys who are very approachable. These are just regular Wilmington residents who happen to have achieved a great deal.”

Kevin MacDonald January 01, 2013 at 05:34 PM
Did they lie to and/or allow the people of Wilmington to be lied to with regard to the cost in taxes to finance the high school project? Did taxes jump on three different occasions since this project was first proposed? http://www.reedconstructiondata.com/rsmeans/models/high-school/massachusetts/boston/ This professional cost estimating company shows costs by model type to build a school. Where is all the money going? The square footage of the school has been reported to be 192,443 square feet. The proposed design is not the most expensive way to build a school however we are being asked to pay a far greater amount than this cost estimating company shows its most expensive model costs per square foot to build using union labor. Are our local officials capable of looking out for the best interests of the tax payers? People are being told that the appeal will cost the Town extra money. Where is the itemized list of all costs? Remember, it was said there is no intention of removing the oil contamination? How much have these guys done to protect the interests (future and present) of the Town?
Judy O'Connell January 01, 2013 at 06:35 PM
Congratulations Mike & Lou!
Christine January 01, 2013 at 07:17 PM
Congratulations and thank you for your service to our town!
Carla January 02, 2013 at 08:14 PM
Congratulation Mr, Ciara and Mr.Cimaglia Thank you for all that you do!
John Bonish January 04, 2013 at 03:19 AM
If there's a list of people who are more deserving of this honor it's a very short list! Congrats guys!


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