Bruins Announce Plans to Move Practice Facility Out of Wilmington

The Bruins will be moving to a brand new facility that is expected to be completed in the fall of 2016.

Patch File Photo
Patch File Photo
The days of Ristuccia Arena being the practice facility of the Boston Bruins are officially numbered.

On Tuesday, team officials announced that they signed a letter of intent for a long-term lease with Boston Landing, which is a mixed-use development in the Allston-Brighton neighborhood of Boston.

The agreement will allow the Bruins to build a new practice facility, and means that upon completion of its new rink, the team will no longer skate in Wilmington. Ristuccia Arena has been the team's practice facility since the 1987-88 season.

“I am thrilled that we have found the Bruins a new practice home within the Boston city limits,” said Bruins Principal Charlie Jacobs in a press release. “Our goal is to set the industry standard in everything that we do, and we are confident that our new practice facility will do just that. As we enter the design phase of the project, we look forward to sharing details as they become available.”

The Boston Landing agreement includes approximately 25,000 square feet of locker room, training and office space for the team.

Team officials estimate the construction will begin in the spring of 2015, with an estimated completion date of the fall of 2016.

In addition to the Bruins facility, the Boston Landing complex will include the New Balance world headquarters, office buildings, retail and restaurant space, a hotel and a sports complex.

“Since joining the Bruins in a front office capacity, a goal of mine has been to move the Bruins into a first-class practice facility and this agreement moves us closer to accomplishing that goal,” said Boston Bruins President Cam Neely in announcing the agreement. “The vision that New Balance has for the Boston Landing project is exactly what we were looking for, and we are confident that through this partnership, we will build a facility that our entire organization will be proud of.”
fatty arbuckle July 09, 2014 at 08:06 AM
"Our goal is to set the industry standard in everything that we do" now that's a scary thought, hopefully the rest of the league owners will not follow the Jacobs way, fleecing the customers for decades profit before wins, no hiding or erasing the facts that for decades the bruins ownership ran this team on an expansion teams budget! never once cracking the top ten in payroll while being one of the top teams in revenue.
JM July 09, 2014 at 10:01 AM
Bruins ticket prices are ridiculous. I don't know how a family of 2,3, or 4 can afford to go. I guess there are a lot of people that make a lot more than I do!!
LBCM July 09, 2014 at 09:46 AM
Serves them right for stopping Public Skate years ago.
malcolm nichols July 10, 2014 at 07:16 AM
This is probably the right thing. 2016 is a very aggressive schedule. Wouldn't it be great if the new complex included Celtics practice too.


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