Free Public Workshop On Practicing Organic Land Care In The Garden

Come on down to the farm and get your garden started organically!

We cordially invite you to attend our (Free) Public Demonstration of Organic Land Care Principles in Practice! Come learn how you can take simple steps to achieve a successful garden while using only safe practices. This event will provide an overview in Organic Land Care Principles that includes the Soil Food Web, How to Brew Your Own Nutrient Rich Compost Tea, How to take a Soil Sample and read a Soil Test. All attendees will have the option to receive free educational materials and a free 5 gallon compost tea brewing kit! There will be two classes. One at 11:00 A.M and the other at 12:30 PM. This event is sponsored by the Woburn Agricultural Commission / Woburn Community Gardens and being run by Full Circle Earth! Don't Miss Out!
Josephine MorningStar April 06, 2014 at 09:31 AM
what shows up in the feed to get to this link. is misleading. ALL that is showing on the lead in.. is "Come on down to the farm and get your garden started" i thought it was a free public garden spot.. living in an apt ..there is no way to have a garden which i so want to have to help with food costs of fresh veggies..


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